I am a lifelong Oregon native who lives in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two daughters. I am passionate about sustainability, holistic health, animals, antiques, and all things creative & DIY.

I am a proud Shabby Paints “fanatic”. I started as a customer, and loved the products so much I changed the entire direction of my life to become a Stylist (Retailer)! My store, The Shabby Relic http://www.theshabbyrelic.com is located in McMinnville, Oregon and was founded because of my love for Shabby Paints. It has been my dream since the moment I found them to share these special products with the world! My personal success as a Shabby Paints Stylist, and the love I have for this company eventually led me to my current role with Shabby Paints. If you ask me, yes, I am very biased! I have used every kind of matte finish paint on the market and never found anything like Shabby Paints!

I have loved antiques and “flipping” as long as I can remember. I was that child that actually loved shopping at thrift stores. I have always been addicted to the thrill of the finding a diamond in the rough. I would ride my bike to the local antique stores and dream of different times and places. Holding something from another time in my hand I would dream about the people who owned it, who loved it, the stories it could tell. I have always felt like antiques had a spirit. The history and character makes them more than just objects to me. Rescuing them has always been my calling, even before it was cool as an 8 year-old in 1990… lol

Probably because of unique and nerdy personality I have always been a fan of the underdog. I am naturally attracted to anything discarded or unwanted! Sometimes it is an animal in need of love, old and ugly furniture, or something on the side of the road…. I have the gift of seeing beauty, potential, and opportunity in everything around me, and that is a gift that I cherish. I think that mixed with my love for art, design, and all things DIY made me a natural at flipping and restyling furniture. I have cultivated this over the past 20 years, and have so much wisdom to share to help others find success doing what they love.

For me the greatest joy in the world is transforming something ugly and broken, into something beautiful again. If you haven’t yet had the experience of “saving something” or “making something whole again” I urge you to experience this joy for yourself. When putting this kind of love and care into rescuing something unwanted, somewhere along the way it actually rescues you! “Shabby” isn’t for everybody, but for probably 80% of those I share this with, it changes them forever.

I mean let’s face it… in this busy hectic world of consumption, materialism, and all of the rush rush rush keeping up with the demands of life; I personally ache for something more. Something simple, beautiful, and meaningful that brings joy to our busy lives. Something that anyone can do regardless of income. Something fun to do that leaves the world better than when they found it. Painting furniture, upcycling, repurposing, shabby, whatever name you choose to give it has done more for me than just nourish my soul. It has given me a sense of empowerment, self-reliance, and a total paradigm shift about life. Whatever life gives me I can make into something beautiful. It taught me that regardless of our circumstances we get to choose how we will respond. We all have the power create our reality. We can choose to see the ugliness and lack, or the beauty and opportunity and there is so much freedom knowing that!

Now that you know a little bit more about me, and why I believe in the Shabby Paints Rescue Mission; join us on our quest to share the true spirit of “shabby” and make the world a better place, one jar at time!