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Heather Gormand
Heather GormandMarketing & Training Coordinator United States & Canada
I am a lifelong Oregon native who lives in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and two daughters. I am passionate about sustainability, holistic health, animals, antiques, and all things creative & DIY. Read More====>
Katie Moore
Katie Moore West Rescue Representative
Hi I’m Katie! I live in the beautiful northwest. I have a passion to make furniture beautiful again. It’s the way I relax. I started refinishing furniture about 5 years ago and thus obsession began. I started using Shabby Paints a year ago and immediately fell in love with it! I guess the rest history!
My other hobbies are drinking coffee with my mom, watching basketball, reading and loving Jesus.
Jannell Lukens
Jannell LukensMidwest Rescue Representative

In partnership with our Stylist and Customers we are on a mission to rid the world of toxic paints and ugly furniture. Powered by faith and love for our community and the environment.

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High Performance Furniture Paint

Shabby Paints, keeping up with the latest technology.

Proposition 65 regulations will be changing in August 2018.  We have used the latest technology to keep that label off of our products.

We take Zero VOC serious and will never stop improving, growing, and striving for the best.

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Shabby Paints keeping up with the latest technology

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